Hey, practitioners of medicine!
Do you feel that you’re not getting enough patients or leads?
Do you realize that you’ve got a lot of potentials to grow further in your profession?
At any stage, do you feel that you could have done better than what have you achieved so far?
If the answer to any of these is YES, then read on.

I am talking about communicating with your audience. And by the audience, I mean both your leads and customers..patients in this case. Better communication with your audience means more patients. More patients, more experience, better medical practice, more recognition and of course more revenue. Simple. The challenge, however, is how to get more patients and how to establish better communication.

Putting across the right message to the right audience at the right time is the key to get leads for your business. This has been the golden rule since ages and is still unchallenged. The problem, however, is that there have been significant changes in technology to identify the right audience and to reach out to them with the right message at the right time. Old word-of-mouth communication model works. There is no denying this fact. But there are more options now and these new ones are faster and result-oriented.

For example, over 70 percent of your prospects research online before reaching out to you. Out of 70 percent, 93 percent read reviews before making any purchase decision. This was not the case till as recent as in 2016.

The impact of digital communication channels is massive and businesses are rapidly adopting the new technologies.


In a soon-to-be-out survey of top 50 doctors in South Delhi, we found that over 90 percent of them have the problem of accessibility.

It seems rather funny that private practitioners do everything to create differentiators to stand out in the competition. They study hard to be Gold Medalists. They go to the best of universities to get medical degrees. They network hard to get recognition and awards. They chance upon every opportunity to get to mass media to widen their reach.More leads with better communication

But when a patient wants to reach out to know about the kind of a doctor they are looking for, they found most of the doors shut. The patient has to depend upon poor information in business directories, fake testimonials and shabby pictures of your clinic that work more to demotivate than welcoming them to your clinic.

True, business listings help in establishing the first contact but where is the differentiator for which you do so much hard work.


Maybe your patients come to know about the differentiators when they meet you in person and see value in your services. But through this path, you lose a lot of prospects who turn away from you getting a poor first impression. And this significantly increases your cost of acquiring a lead. Simple math. If by spending 1000 bucks you get 10 customers then your acquisition cost per customer is 100 but if you get say15 customers in 1000 then your acquisition cost goes down significantly. So the idea is to optimize the use of your marketing budget. (Do you have any marketing budget as such? If you don’t have one just give me a buzz, I’ll help you in setting up a marketing budget.)


You’re marketing budget depends upon the kind of communication model you have for your business. (We help you design a good model if you don’t have one already.) Now, look at this diagram. At a very simplistic level, over 70 percent of your patients reach to you this way.

Journey of Patient


To put across the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT AUDIENCE at the RIGHT TIME, you should have your own communication channel(s).
A good website is essentially at the core of communication channels. It is not about design and glossy pictures only. The idea is to establish a communication channel that you OWN, CONTROL and where you have your say. It is about communicating what you want to communicate in a controlled way. Experiment what works with your patients and what doesn’t. Make use of tonnes of better tools and techniques to reach out.

If you have a website already then check whether it serves your purpose or not. Whether it communicates what you want to communicate. If you don’t have a website click here to get one now.


Alright. Once you have your channel in place, it’s time now to establish differentiators. After all, you’ve worked hard to create them. You have to stand out in the competition. Maybe you follow the most recent techniques of treating a particular disease, or you’ve tonnes of experience in treating some particular diseases or you’re fast in the diagnosis and conversant with the latest in the medicine… whatever your area of expertise is.. put before your prospects…

Blogs..infographics..tweets, Facebook post, announcements..there are endless options to reach out and interact with your prospects.

Ah yes, you don’t have time to do all this. But you can always hire services who would happily do that for you while you concentrate on your own area of expertise. Let experts in marketing handle the marketing part in the light of your requirements.

Once your communications properties are in place, you‘ll start seeing the value. All you have to do is to take forward one step in the right direction and then there is a pathway before you that leads to optimizing your potential.

At any time you want to reach out to me for more conversations like this, I am available at 98730 90 460 and at [email protected]

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