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Top 5 amazing SEO Experts you must follow in 2019

SEO Experts are commonplace nowadays. If you're trying to find a digital service or a freelancer that will rank your site and provide you excellent SEO service, then it's quite tricky to set benchmarks. Without benchmarking, it will become hard to select good ones one of the typical. So what is the way out? An ingenious method is to follow who've set standards for your business. So once you [...]

Hey docs, get more leads with better communication. Read On!

Hey, practitioners of medicine! Do you feel that you're not getting enough patients or leads? Do you realize that you've got a lot of potentials to grow further in your profession? At any stage, do you feel that you could have done better than what have you achieved so far? If the answer to any of these is YES, then read on. I am talking about communicating with your [...]

Why you need a business website in 2019

I don’t need a website. I use social media instead. Website ka kya faayada. Client toh lead buying se milta hai ( What’s the use of website. Clients come through lead buying.) I have my business listed in all major listing directories. I can’t afford to maintain a website. I don’t have time to maintain a website. These are the some of the popular ‘reasons’, for not getting a website [...]

What SEO does for Your Business

What is it you do again? asked one of my attendees of my weekly Digital Sales and Marketing workshop. He is a medical practitioner of 10 years and runs a clinic in my neighbourhood. What will SEO do for my practice? he asked. This was not an easy question to answer. The challenge was to give a concise, without jargon, clear description of what we do as an SEO [...]

Why your business needs a website more than ever in 2019

Getting online brings in a huge difference for small businesses. Search data show local businesses grow 40 percent faster than those aren't online. That's the inspiration behind Digi Insta Go Online campaign when we encourage local businesses in our community to get business online. WHY GETTING ONLINE IS IMPORTANT To understand why a website is important for your business, you must look at the fact that India [...]

5 Must-haves for Your Website in 2019

Consider these latest figures from official Indian sources: India has over 120 crore mobile users India has around 50 crore users connected to internet. It is expected that 650 million Indians will be connected to the internet, with 500 million of those users connecting via smartphones by 2020. Today 62 per cent consumers do a pre-research before taking a buying decision. And this is not limited to consumer goods [...]

Why Artificial Intelligence is new craze among retailers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword in sales strategy. Companies have realized that AI can impact the sales pipeline and build more authentic relationships with buyers in a much faster way. Moreover, the impact of AI on sales is both quantitative and qualitative. Artificial Intelligence for Retailers A Bloomberg report notes that Artificial Intelligence is central to all next-generation technologies disrupting the retail industry. It is at the [...]

5 technologies that drive new digital financial transformation

Finance will increasingly become digital in the coming decade. Path-breaking technologies will bring in digital financial transformation. Financial institutions will become a comprehensive channel for financial transactions. and connect all people and things. The Banking and Finance Industry is now focused on integrating financial values, ensuring better connections and cooperating with Industry partners to accelerate digital transformation. Here go five breakthrough technologies that will bring about digital financial transformation. [...]

If you’re high-tech biz, beware of Chinese hackers

As suspected, the Chinese hackers are behind almost a decade’s worth of network intrusions. The Chinese Intelligence officers have been hacking since 2009 or maybe even 2007, says a recent report from 401TRG, the Threat Research & Analysis Team at ProtectWise. The primary targets are gaming studios and high-tech businesses. The report points out that the hackers seek code signing certificates and software manipulation, with potential financially motivated secondary [...]

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Anup helps businesses in adopting new digital marketing technologies. He created Digi Insta to help small and medium businesses adopt digital marketing technologies with ease. His result-oriented hi-tech-low-cost approach has been much appreciated by Government Ministries, Chambers of Commerce and business organizations.


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